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A Guide To The Top Restaurants In Naples, Florida

If you have recently decided to enjoy a romantic excursion in Naples, Florida, it is recommended that you stop for a meal at one of these restaurants while you are there.  Regardless of whether you enjoy Italian or French cuisine, there is a style for all patrons on the coast.  Below are some of the best restaurants currently operating in Naples, Florida, in no particular order:


The Caffe dell’ Amore – Gulf Shore Boulevard, Naples


The Caffe dell’ Amore is one of the most fascinating restaurants in Naples, Florida offering some of the best Italian cuisine in the city.  Founded by Italian immigrants and currently owned by restaurateurs Brain Kozack and Dominic Richiano, the Caffe dell’ Amore is unique in that it has hand-painted walls and uses locally sourced ingredients.

Known as the place to enjoy organic produce, this cozy trattoria can be found in the center of Charleston Square and has been acclaimed to have an award-winning wine list.  The most popular and handmade dishes include Eggplant Rustici, Wild Boar alla Cacciatora, Beef Short Rib Ravioli and Lobster al Forno. See Menu


EJ’s Bayfront Cafe – Bayfront Place, Naples

ejs cafe

Chef Eric J. Becker opened the EJ’s Bayfront Cafe in 2012 bringing a love for American-style cuisine to the banks of the Gordon River in Naples, Florida.  It is a legendary restaurant known mainly for the delicious breakfasts and brunches offered by the skilled chefs.  Working the cafe, Becker is willing to share his passion for food and friendliness with customers who are looking to have an early bite to eat or lunch with an executive to discuss a business deal.

The restaurant is known for its American cuisine with some of the most popular dishes being the Bacon Benedict, the Banana Stuffed French Toast Platter and the Crab and Shrimp Omelet.  As an eatery focusing on ‘breakfast-y’ foods, the EJ’s Bayfront Cafe serves breakfast all day.  Of course, if you are not in the mood for a breakfast meal then there are other options such as the Curry Chicken Wrap. See Menu


Alberto’s On Fifth – Fifth Avenue South, Naples

albertos on fifth

Alberto’s on Fifth is one of the highest-quality restaurants in Naples, Florida focusing primarily on Northern Italian foods.  The luxury dining room and chic environment compliments the award-winning wine list and classic dishes ensuring that you will have an impressive dining experience.  The most popular meals include Risotto all Zafferano e Peperoni Rossi con Gamberi et Calamari, and Fettucine Al Nero Di Sepia con Calamari.

Alberto’s on Fifth was founded in 2012 by Italian-born Chef Alberto Varetto.  It is well-known for its fabulous culinary art and is located nearby Cambier Park in the center of downtown Naples. See Menu


The Turtle Club Restaurant – Gulf Shore Drive North, Naples

Located in a waterfront setting at the Vanderbilt Resort, the Turtle Club Restaurant was founded by Michael Moore and Peter Tierney in 1999.  An upscale eatery in Naples, Florida, this well-known restaurant offers its patrons flavorful seafood and steaks prepared by specialized chefs.  The most popular dishes include the Australian Rack of Lamb, the ‘Turtlefeller’ Oysters, and the Hot Pastrami on a pretzel roll for those who are looking to eat and run. See Menu


Baleen Restaurant – Gulf Shore Drive, Naples

baleen naples

The first of the restaurants being discussed is the beachside paradise known as the Baleen Restaurant.  Located at the LaPlaya Beach and Golf Resort, the Baleen Restaurant serves outstanding New York culture cuisine focusing primarily on seafood.  Savor will expertly prepare such well-known dishes as the Crunchy Grouper Tacos and the Guava BBW Glazed Pork Tenderloin, serving them in an upscale dining room.

In addition to the luxury dining experience at night, it is also possible to enjoy a luxury dining experience in the morning with the Baleen Restaurant’s award-winning Sunday Champagne Brunch.  Furthermore, the unusually placed Breakfast Mac ‘N Cheese are worth a try making a lunch-time dish one of the morning fancies.

If you are looking for a private dinner, then look no further as the Baleen Restaurant offers exclusive evening dining opportunities along the beach.  This is ideal for couples looking to enjoy a romantic evening away with their award-winning wine and cocktail list. See Menu


The Brooks Gourmet Burgers And Dogs – 9th Street South, Naples

Originally the well-known Lindburger’s Restaurant, Brooks Gourmet Burgers and Dogs was founded by Todd Brooks a few years ago as a simple eatery located west of the Naples, Florida Municipal Airport.  As an owner and working in the restaurant, Todd Brooks runs the eatery with his family and wife providing people with American-style cuisine.

The cuisine from Brooks Gourmet Burgers and Dogs was created to meet a simplistic ‘grub’ approach for people coming from or going to the Naples Airport.  The classic Donut Burger or Korean Burger with duck bacon are two of the most popular options from their exciting menu.  In addition to burgers, this eatery offers hand-dipped corndogs along with strawberry goat cheese milkshakes if looking for a drink.  For adults, wine and beer are also available. See Menu


The USS Nemo – Tamiami Trail North, Naples

The USS Nemo is one of the award-winning restaurants located in the Naples, Florida area.  It is well-known for the delicious dishes focusing on underwater cuisine including such items as a Ginger-Steamed Salmon, Swordfish Cioppino, and the Grilled Florida Keys Hogfish.  The popular Nemo’s Fish Tacos is one of the dishes ordered on a regular basis at the USS Nemo as it allows the customer to choose their own fish to be placed in the tacos.  To quench one’s thirst, the restaurant offers refreshing cocktails, beers or high-quality wines.

The owner and founder of the USS Nemo is executive chef Nicolas Mercier.  Nicolas Mercier was born in Montreal, Canada and in 2012 he founded this popular restaurant with his wife Nathalie Savoie.  The restaurant is located nearby the ‘Hole in the Wall’ golf club between the Mooring and Park Shore communities. See Menu


The Bleu Provence – 8th Street South, Naples

bleu provence

Similar to the Caffee dell’ Amore, the Bleu Provence was founded by European immigrants and is a family-run restaurant.  Chef Lysielle and her partner Jacques were born in France but they opened the Bleu Provence when they moved to Naples, Florida in 1999.  Today, they run the restaurant with the help of their sons Kevin and Clement.  The restaurant is located near the Charter Club Resort in Crayton Cove.

As a French restaurant, the Bleu Provence specializes in French cuisine offering customers French food and wine.  The specialties include Porcini Mushroom and Chestnut Soup; as well as savory dishes such as Moules-Frites.  As main courses, it is possible to order Organic Irish Salmon and Colorado Lamb Fillet.  Jacques is a well-known wine connoisseur and the restaurant presents with thousands of high-class vintages. See Menu