A little bit of Naples. For those of us who have been fortunate enough to visit the crown jewel of Southwest Florida, we find ourselves coming back again and again.

This blog was started for that purpose. Ever since I was a child, my parents would make the trip to Naples every fall. Some of my best childhood memories were from those trips.

As I grew older, graduated college and finished raising two boys of my own (who also have fond memories of the trips that they took with me to Naples as children) I decided that it was time to make my next trip to Naples my last. I bought a home in Naples and I’ve been here ever since. As a resident, I have discovered many more things here in Naples that I never discovered despite the fact that I had been coming since I was a child. I decided to write about these things so that others who are either new or just vacationing can discover them as well. This blog is the result of that.

Welcome to Naples, Florida. My name is Samantha, and I will be your guide!